Bespoke wedding invitations

graphic design, illustration

Bespoke invitations with custom illustration for weddings in Southwold, Suffolk and the Round Chapel, Hackney.

Art direction, design and illustration of an invitation for a seaside Summer wedding held in the small town of Southwold, Suffolk. I developed a nautical look and feel with a vibrant orange and teal colour palette, a custom illustration of the pier and rustic ribbons to complete the look. 

Off the back of this project, I was tasked with designing an invitation for another wedding held at the Round Chapel, Hackney. For this Winter event, the couple was keen to include a nod to their love of rustic themes and seasonal plants. Mixing materials was key here so I designed an invitation using foil and kraft textures, with a custom illustration depicting the round chapel which was printing in foil, and succulents which were used prominently across the venue.


Bespoke wedding invitation

Isabelle K | creative digital & print design / illustration
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