Powered By Doddle

Branding, digital design, print design and production for Doddle's B2B service
Completed whilst covering a creative director maternity leave at Doddle

Leading click and collect company Doddle asked me to rebrand their business-focused department Powered By Doddle, and design a new website to update their digital channel and reinvigorate their online presence.

The project involved consulting with the company board on online strategy and the development of a Powered By Doddle identity with a set of brand guidelines. The brief for the identity was to create a business-focused brand reflecting the parent company values, with an accent on business partnerships and a more serious tone from the trademark consumer-focused purple. For this, I developed a colour palette using neutral tones of blue and black alongside the Doddle purple which the board was keen to keep, and carried this through across the digital and print formats to create a distinct look and feel, that still felt part of the overarching Doddle brand.

Following this, I designed a new website with email templates and social assets to support, and full set of print collateral including brochures, cards and flyers.

The unveiling of the Powered By Doddle rebrand took place at the NRF conference in New York City in January 2018, for which I was taked with creating a spatial experience for visitors and design their journey to engage with the brand and generate interest. This involved creating user journeys, designing the experience, and producing all printed matters and interior design.



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