Filly Brook Café

branding, graphic design, sign painting, hand lettering
direct commission

Identity, design and hand painted lettering for a pop-up café in Leytonstone, East London. 
This project encompassed all design work from brainstorming the identity to hand painting the mural in the café, packaging and vinyl production for the door.
The idea was to create a brand mark that would easily adapt to a variety of applications - coffee cups, paper bags, large scale signage - and catch the attention of passing commuters using Leytonstone underground station next door. I wanted to create a simple but memorable identity around honesty, simplicity and sustainability, values which the owners were keen to communicate in their marketing. For this, I designed a black and white logo that worked well as a stamp on kraft paper for takeaway pastries and recyclable cups, and as a large scale sign painted mural. The result was a simple brand mark with a soft custom lettering shape that I then painted on the wall, teamed with a sans-serif for menus and packaging where required.

Isabelle K | creative digital & print design / illustration
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