Brac International

Digital design, web build, custom Wordpress build, HTML
direct commission

Design and custom Wordpress build of a set of Wordpress websites for the world's #1 charity, as voted by NGO Advisor for the third year running.

The UK branch of BRAC International contacted me to redesign and build their website in anticipation of an important event in a matter of weeks. The challenge involved designing and building the UK website in line with the parent company branding whilst improving the look and feel, within a tight timeframe and with a content management system so the control of the content could be handed over to employees upon project completion.

I designed and built the BRAC UK site within the deadline and BRAC reported complete satisfaction. Following handover, the Netherlands branch of BRAC International contacted me to design and build their own sister website, which was completed and is live here: BRAC Netherlands

Since then, BRAC has been voted number 1 charity in the world by NGO Advisor 3 years in a row, and BRAC US as well as the parent Bangladesh company have been in touch to discuss further work.

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